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It’s no secret that owning your own business isn’t easy. Especially in a male-dominated space, there are incredible challenges for young women entrepreneurs. Not to mention, the financial and educational hurdles along the way. In spite of this, these eight young Alpha Women are examples of how women are capable of owning their own business and being successful entrepreneurs! Check out this list of Young Alpha Women aged 19-25 who have taken the plunge and started their own businesses:

1. Purva Bhavsar: Devri’s Cakery

Devri's Cakery Young Alpha Business


First, Purva is a young international student attending Centennial College and running her own custom-cake and cupcake business; Devri’s Cakery. As a young, independent student, her main challenge has been handling all the aspects of her business, from customer service, financing, and of course- baking! In spite of these challenges, she has found that all the work has been absolutely worth it.

You can find Devri’s Cakery here!

2. Cassandra Sukraj: CXN Creations

CXN Creations Young Alpha Business


Next, Cassandra is a Creative Industries student at Ryerson University who started a graphic design company in March 2020 where she offers cover art, logos, posters, and more! As a young woman, she has often been underestimated in a male-dominated industry. Despite this, her experience as a young entrepreneur has taught her it’s okay to take your time. In her words “it doesn’t happen overnight, despite what it may look like for others.”

You can find Cassandra’s business, CXN Creations here!

3. Alexandra Gunn: Gunns Apparel Thrifts

Gunns Apparel Young Alpha Business


Alexandra is another Creative Industries student at Ryerson University who created her own apparel business for all genders, sizes, and ages. She ships products to Canada and the United States to help create an easy and affordable way for people to purchase second-hand clothing. She has also overcome self-doubt and learned that having confidence is the key to owning a business as a Young Alpha. 

You can find Gunns Apparel Thrifts here!

4. Lorequé Fearon: Exhale Apparel

Young Alpha Loreque Fearon and her Business Exhale Apparel


Lorequé is a Psychology Major at the University of Guelph-Humber who owns the apparel company, Exhale Apparel. She sells clothing and accessories mainly for women looking to improve their confidence and feel amazing in their apparel. Above all, she’s learned that putting herself out there and pushing through the challenges make owning a business especially worth it. 

You can check out Exhale Apparel here!

5. Lisa Lin: Nailed it Nail Studios

Lisa Lin and Nailed It Nail Studio


Lisa is a certified nail technician out of George Brown College with her own nail studio. She offers manicures, and pedicure services- as a customer of Lisa I can definitely attest to her amazing skills as a nail artist! Her business is based in Markham, Ontario, and has faced many challenges during COVID-19 lockdowns. Nonetheless, she still believes personal care is very important!

You can check out Nailed it Nail Studios here or on Instagram @naileditnailstudios

6. Laksha owner of Sassage Stickers

Sassage Stickers and Laksha


Laksha is a Young Alpha business owner from India studying Psychology. She creates stickers to spread awareness about mental health, sexuality, and self-care. She faced a challenging obstacle trying to understand social media and manage finances after she was fresh out of university. Even so, she realized it’s important to trust the process and not compare yourself to other people’s success. 

You can find Sassage Stickers here!

7. Crystal Zubair owner of Lash Crystals

Lash Crystals and Owner Crystal Zubair


Crystal is a York University student in Educational Studies with her own, in-home salon based in Durham, Ontario. She started her company in July 2020 and offers luxury eyelash extensions to help young women feel confident in their skin. Her experience as a young entrepreneur has been a financial challenge, and she has often doubted her goals as a lash technician. However, she has discovered that entrepreneurs learn as they go and that with consistency and confidence, you can do anything!

You can find Lash Crystals here!

8. Vivian Nguyen: Chi Em Moments Clothing

Vivian Nguyen and her company CMM Clothing


Last but certainly not least. . .Vivian is an International Economics student at the University of British Columbia who sells handcrafted bucket hats and hair scrunchies. She is also coming out with handmade tote bags and purses soon as well! She has overcome self-doubts and learned research and design skills with her incredible passion and drive. Without a doubt, her passion is inspiring!

You can find CMM Clothing here or on Instagram @cmm.clothing

Most of our Young Alpha entrepreneurs experienced the same challenge; self-doubt. The fear of failure and the need to succeed is incredibly tough when starting a business. But… these women have proved that with determination and confidence, owning a business as a Young Alpha is well within reach. If you’re thinking of starting a business of your own, learn from our young entrepreneurs and go for it!

Gabrielle Samson

Gabrielle is a Ryerson student in the Creative Industries program with a passion for diverse media and women empowerment. As a young, Queer, Woman of Color, Gabrielle is passionate about contributing to the Young Alpha series from a lens of intersectionality. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer eager to advocate for physical and mental health for young women.

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