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Climate Change Activist Maia Knight

via Maia Knight

Maia Knight is a Carleton University student studying Journalism and Political Science in Ottawa, Canada. The Young Alpha has taken an active role in climate change activism with her work for the Green Party of Canada. Most importantly, she was one of the youngest candidates running for office in the 2019 Canadian federal election. And her passion for climate change issues is the biggest motivation for her many successes.

Ever since she learned about climate change when she was 8, Maia knew that she had to find the solution. Since then, she attended a three-day conference with the Climate Reality Project, founded by Al Gore, to learn more about climate change. She also went on to run the Eco Council at her high school and educate her peers on environmental issues. As a close friend of Maia’s, it was no surprise to me that her next steps were to take on climate change in the best way she knew how. Politics.

Maia’s Campaign for Climate Change

Climate Change Activist Maia Knight Campaigning

via Maia Knight

In 2019, Maia ran in the last federal election in the Ajax riding. She ran as a candidate for the Green Party of Canada, which she felt best resembled her political views and passions. As a nineteen-year-old university student, Maia was one of the youngest candidates in the country. She ran an inspiring campaign with the help of her family and travelled hours each week to campaign while attending university.

Although she did not win the most votes in her riding, she swayed thousands of voters in her neighbourhood and showcased her potential as a Young Alpha. She now continues her work with the party and serves as the Youth Chair on the Ottawa-Centre riding association.

To hear all about the challenges and triumphs of Maia’s political journey and find out ways that you can fight climate change, check out our podcast!


Start of interview (1:06)
How did you get interested in politics? (2:54)
How can people become more environmentally conscious? (7:39)
About the Green Party and campaigning (12;03)
The biggest issue young women face today (23:30)
Advice for young aspiring politicians (29:20)
Who is your inspirational Alpha Woman? (37:17)

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Gabrielle is a Ryerson student in the Creative Industries program with a passion for diverse media and women empowerment. As a young, Queer, Woman of Color, Gabrielle is passionate about contributing to the Young Alpha series from a lens of intersectionality. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer eager to advocate for physical and mental health for young women.

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