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Twig Becomes a Certified B Corp and Launches For the Earth Initiative


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Twig, the fastest growing European fintech, announces its full B Corp Certification with the highest ever assessment score for a digital bank in the UK, coinciding with the International Forest Day.

B Corp Certification is a designation that businesses meet the high standards of verified social and environmental performance. The certification process is subject to rigorous criteria and monitored over prolonged periods. Such certification underlines Twig’s commitment to be a sustainability-first, circular economy fintech.

Twig, a financial services scale up, is largely popular with the Gen Z audience. The company empowers consumers to value, unlock, and enjoy wealth they never knew they had. It is best described by its founder, Geri Cupi, as the “Bank of Things”. Currently, users can sell or trade-in their fashion and electronics items in exchange for instant funds they can use for their next purchases.

Simultaneously to obtaining B Corp status, Twig announces the launch of For the Earth initiative, a collaborative platform for best sustainability practices and guided journeys towards positive impact for businesses and individuals.

For the Earth initiative, powered by Twig, is operated as a non-profit initiative for other businesses, with a focus on eliminating frictions that inhibit sustainable education and action. The initiative takes on an industry-covering, open-source approach. It promotes Twig’s mission of creating a world in which sustainability and capitalism can coexist.

The suite of services include user impact calculations, carbon tracking and offsetting, tree planting, health & wellbeing training and philanthropy. Through a partnership with Twig, businesses are able to draw from these resources, turning their consumer or workforce activities into positive contributions.

For the Earth is a catalyst of change with a critical mission. To create significant momentum, the initiative positions sustainable action as shared, rewarding experiences. For the Earth blends gamified and real-life features that allow individual users as well as companies to follow the growth of their digital forest, get in touch with beneficiaries of their actions, build environmental/social credit scores, and volunteer. Twig builds on these features to incentivise further action. As such, the credits can be crowdfunded and shared via dedicated company platforms and social media.


Marvin Henry, Director Sustainability at Twig, comments “We are pleased to roll out our initiative, a curated service suite, For The Earth by Twig. We want to make access to the best sustainability practices simple, through our plug&play approach. We put businesses, their employees, and their customers in the driving seat by making sustainability both real and attainable. Twig is proud to support this transition and we look forward to taking on this journey together with our partners.”

Geri Cupi, Twig CEO and Founder says: “Social and environmental mission is at the very heart of Twig. In our daily practice, as a B Corp, we make our best efforts to lead and exemplify positive environmental action such as fighting the landfill – our collective enemy. Considering our common goals, we are proud to launch For the Earth initiative by Twig, an ecosystem where our partners can plug in and benefit from our practices, making the business community more sustainable and environmentally progressive, in a true B Corp spirit.”

About Twig

Twig is a London (UK) based new generation fintech, rooted in circular economy principles. It was founded by Geri Cupi in 2020.

Twig’s central mission is to empower consumers to value, unlock, and enjoy wealth they never knew they had. Users receive instant cash access for swapping out goods they no longer need – in addition to enjoying traditional banking service benefits (debit card, domestic and international bank transfers). Vis-a-vis this activity, Twig powers the circular economy, making Twig a positive and compelling environmentally conscious choice for the consumer.

Twig recently released its first white paper ‘How Twig Redefines the Future of Ownership and Empowers Gen Z to Live a Sustainable Lifestyle’ Download: https://twigcard.com/white-paper


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