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Press Kit 2018

Our Story

Alpha Woman is the brainchild of 3 founders based in Toronto, led by CEO Leslie Andrachuk. The trio previously worked together at The Toronto Star, where they were behind the creation, ongoing management and growth of numerous digital publications.

In 2018 the team collaborated yet again, this time consulting for a Licensed Producer of medical marijuana. While doing so, the team uncovered facts making it starkly apparent that women were being edged out of an incredibly exciting, once-in-a-generation entrepreneurial opportunity.

“Only 5% of board seats at publicly traded marijuana producers were occupied by women compared with 12% on the nearly 700 TSX-listed companies – Canadian Press analysis, 2017”

The initial optimism that cannabis could become the first industry where men and women from varying backgrounds develop something truly inclusive seems to have been a pipe dream. Instead, we are seeing this fledgling industry mimic the traditional, patriarchal systems that keep women and people of colour toiling in obscurity, no matter what industry they work in. The cannabis industry is the canary in the coal mine.

“Women are projected to be the largest consumers of legal cannabis products in North America, however 77% of them list social stigma as a leading deterrent for delving into the cannabis world.”

It also became clear that women need a place where they can obtain information to educate themselves on the drawback and benefits of cannabis specific to women, and those they care for. They need a community that accepts raw, real (and perhaps not Insta-pretty) stories. A community that is not afraid to speak their truth.

Witness the birth of Alpha Woman, a brand that celebrates fierce, strong women who are determined to be the next leaders of industry. Alpha women are resilient and do not back down in the face of adversity. Alpha women recognize that we all need to work together – men and women – to save the planet.

Alpha Woman challenges societal stigmas and taboos, delving deeper into subjects that matter to our Alpha women, such as cannabis, environment, health, career, community and family, but are generally not covered by mainstream media.

Cannabis is just one of the many areas in which women need visibility, connection, education and help lifting stigma. By uplifting women in every aspect of their lives, we hope women around the world will connect with her inner Alpha to find the power she needs to take charge of her life.

Alpha Woman also provides strategic marketing consulting and research services for cannabis companies who are seeking to understand and reach cannabis-curious and friendly women.

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For more information, please contact:
Leslie Andrachuk
Alpha Woman
416 625-2083