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Top 5 things to do while using cannabis at home


At long last, recreational cannabis is legal across Canada. And with cold winter weather coming, it’s the perfect time to hunker down and smoke up. For many of us, staying in and getting high has been as much of a lifestyle choice as going for after-work drinks. But now that we can legally light up, here are the top 5 things to do while high at home.

#5 – Netflix and Chill

And roll. And smoke. Obviously. Getting stoned and watching TV has been a perennial favourite for as long as there were options to do so. Comedies become that much funnier, dramas that much more intense. Movies or sit-coms, procedurals or late night talk, it’s all that much better with some THC.

And now that it’s legal, vegging out high in front of the tv no longer has to be the backup plan. It can be the main event.

#4 – Self Care

A little CBD can go a long, long way. Especially in the form or oils, lotions and potions. Infuse or apply your faves, sit back and enjoy. Alternatively, spark up something for some weed wellness in the form of massages, manis or pedis.

At home facials, body treatments, and even hair removal is more enjoyable and meditative with cannabis, ingested or otherwise. Or, if keeping your clothes on is more your thing, exercise your mind with journaling, drawing or even colouring. Let your mind wander free…

#3- DIY

Now is the perfect time to tackle that project you’ve been putting off, and we don’t just mean building a cannabis grow box (although there are plenty to be found). Those chairs you’ve wanted to re-stain? That backsplash you’ve been meaning to re-tile? Now is the time.

Or, tape up the corners and get started on a paint or wall-paper project in any room of your home. If all that feels too overwhelming, you could always leave the renos to the pros and play with models of tiny houses instead.

#2 Organization

With the change of season, it’s an ideal time to prepare your home for winter nesting. Spark up a joint and swap out your closets. Summer clothes to the back, winter up front. Throw out anything that is stained or damaged. If it doesn’t fit, give it away.

And there is no need to stop with clothing. Tackle the shelves throughout your home. Clean off your desk and go through those paper piles. Change light bulbs, hang pictures, even rearrange the furniture!

#1 Get baked and bake

We’re not just talking cannabutter or homemade edibles. Instead of ordering in and trashing your snack cupboard when the munchies kick in, be your own master chef. Check out recipes on-line, or revisit the cookbooks piling up on your shelf. If you can read, you can cook.

For those of us who cook on a regular basis, and for whom the novelty is well worn-out, take the opportunity to meal prep. Soups, stews, salads or even granola – you’ll be set up for days. Or at least until the next time you get high, stay in, and hit the kitchen.

Carolyn Drebin

Carolyn Drebin is an author and screenwriter. A pop-culture obsessive and big-time foodie, when she isn’t writing she can be found teaching Pilates, baking up a storm, or wrangling her three sons and naughty rescue pup. She can often be found ranting and raving on her website MotherofallMavens.com, or dreaming of skipping town and travelling far, far away…. ”

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