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Top 5 most fun things to do during Toronto’s first (legal) Halloweed weekend


And just like that, cannabis is now legal across our great country. Postal issues and cannabis shortages notwithstanding, this year marks the first Halloween that Canadians, and those visiting, have the option to be out in costume and high, all at the same time.

There’s been a lot of buzz – cannabis-inspired and otherwise, around Toronto, so why not check out our fair city in all its Halloween glory? Here are the top five coolest things to do on Halloween weekend while blitzed in the 6ix.

1. Go green.

Brave the weather (and the people) and head into the great outdoors. Hit up a lakeside walking trail. Wander through one of our fabulous ravine systems. Head to a dog park. Enjoy the fall colours in all their glory. Breathe deeply and take it all in.

Being in nature is therapeutic, good for you, and even better when you’re stoned. Colours are more vibrant and introspection more intense when you’re on and in the green.

2. People watching.

If you’re the type to choke on fresh air, hit the streets and check out the peeps. A super fun game to play while high is to do a secret scavenger hunt. See how many people you find wearing hats. Or walking dogs. Or dressed in costume. Or just hang out all dressed up with no place to go and crack yourself up when people notice – or don’t.

Alternatively, just cop a squat at an outdoor patio (heated of course) and watch the world go by. Everything’s more interesting through a green-tinted lens.

3. Halloween decorations.

Head to one of the countless Halloween-friendly residential ‘hoods and check out all the dressed up homes. Headless horsemen, black cats in snowglobes, and skeletons of all shapes grace the lawns of houses all over town.

And then there are the zombies – hanging from trees, popping up in flowerbeds. People tend to let their imaginations run wild at this time of year, so embrace Halloween and go haunting. Just try not to freak anybody out…yourself included!

4. Celebrate Halloweed.

If you can’t find a spooky celebration of your own, light up and hit up Halloween Haunt at Wonderland for last chance thrills of the season. Join a Toronto Ghost or Spirit Walk or any one of the neighbourhood costume parades happening around town.

Check out Casa Loma and its Legends of Horror immersive experience. Head over to Old Fort York or Haunted High Park after dark and really creep yourself out. If being in the streets is all too much, there’s always the Toronto After Dark Film Festival. Plus, you know they’ll have popcorn.

5. Munchies.

Everything tastes better when you’re blazed. Troll the streets for whatever you’re craving. Let the sights, sounds and, of course, smells, lure you in for some tasty treats. From all-day diners to late-nights snacks and everything in between, follow your nose. Street snacks and food trucks are all still operating, and lots of restaurants have Halloween-inspired tastings. And remember, ‘tis the season for tricks and treats, so indulge your sweet tooth with all manner of minis.

Carolyn Drebin

Carolyn Drebin is an author and screenwriter. A pop-culture obsessive and big-time foodie, when she isn’t writing she can be found teaching Pilates, baking up a storm, or wrangling her three sons and naughty rescue pup. She can often be found ranting and raving on her website MotherofallMavens.com, or dreaming of skipping town and travelling far, far away…. ”

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