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Say hello to the Bongspiel as bongs replace rye at Ontario curling tournament


It seems that normalization of recreational cannabis may be happening quicker than anyone predicted since the October 17th legalization in Canada.

Case in point? Canada’s first (perhaps the worlds first?) “Bongspiel” will take place in Wiarton Ontario on January 26th. The 16 team event sold out within 24 hours for the organizers, who are more than happy with the results.

In fact, this event seems to have produced quite a bit of press for the Wiarton & District Curling Club who are happy with their first-mover status into the Bongspiel space. The club predicts that adoption by other curling clubs may put a new luster on the sport in general for younger and/or cannabis-friendly individuals.

Like all good bonspiels, this one will include a DJ, live music and lots of munchies. Cannabis consumption will follow Ontario Smoking laws, so permitted on the location where smoking is allowed, during the event.

While it’s unclear how rowdy these events get when fueled by Rye and Ginger, organizers are predicting that this event will be more low-key than bonspiels typically are, perhaps due to less interest in alcohol consumption.

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  1. Martha Watt February 9, 2019

    I can’t wait to hear all about it!


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