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In praise of the Beautiful Weed


The Cannabis plant is a gardener’s delight because it’s a weed and so flexible in so many ways.  It’s simple to germinate seeds, grow small plants indoors then plant outdoors, on a balcony, under lights indoor, or hydroponically in whatever space is available. Basically, the plant will grow straight upwards, and in a back yard like mine with tall trees and diffused light, the plant is likely to grow tall and spindly.

What I’ve discovered, as in this picture of my 2018 sativa crop, is that the plant will grow to any shape or size required and that taller isn’t necessarily better. I spread the plants out on bamboo stakes early in the summer and the result was a virtual forest of branches growing out in all directions.

I love watching the seeds germinate, grow under lights, enter the vegetation stage, and then flower over the summer. I love experimenting with various kinds of organic fertilizer (how much is enough?), filtered water, plant cut back.  Like most gardening, it’s a great hobby requiring time, attention and experimentation.

I have a friend who has been growing in his small city garden beside his swimming pool for many years. He’s an incredibly scientific grower constantly checking the trichomes through a magnifier, checking for mites and spiders, reading the latest books and buying really expensive fertilizers. I love talking to him about growing; it’s clearly a major hobby for him as it is for me.

On the other hand, I know an amateur grower who has access to a farmer’s corn field where there are no tall trees and the plants get easily 12 hours of sunlight in the summer. In the spring he buys a few small plants, tosses some miracle grow in the bottom of a really wet hole, returns to water depending upon the rain cycle, and produces tall bushy plants by Thanksgiving weekend.  Cannabis joy comes in many forms.

Brenda Andrachuk

Cannabis can be smoked in a joint with dozens of different rolling papers now available; it can be toked up in a range of different sizes and shapes of pipes, water pipes, electric pipes, vape pipes or pens or whatever; it can be ground up fine and cooked up in a batch of cookies or tossed with gay abandon into a beef stew; it can be reduced and smoked as hashish or oil.

So here’s a plant that can be grown pretty much anywhere, anytime except when it’s too cold, called pretty much anything, that can be smoked, eaten, drunk, has the ability to supply peace and goodwill to one and all, is proving to have some positive impact on sleeplessness, pain and a bad mood, is a gardener’s delight and can be made into a very nice shirt. Just makes me wonder why it’s been illegal for such a long time.


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