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The New Alpha Male


At the core of it, there is an awakening to the fact that men also have a newly defined role to play in making our society a better place for all of us. This might mean that maybe, just maybe, a new prototype for the Alpha Male is emerging.

While it is up to us women to awaken and use our powers (look no further than Serena Williams, the fierce goddess) it’s also encouraging to see some men step up and publicly say that men need to embrace feminism. In a recent exclusive op-ed for Makers, actor-activist Justin Baldoni and leading expert on men and masculinities Michael Kimmel deliver a strong message to men about their role in ending sexual assault and moving the women’s movement.

“What you can do is create a new race of men that are aware of their actions.”

Baldoni is so committed to helping women he has launched Man Enough described as a “disruptive social movement ignited by a dinner conversation series that explores the heart of traditional masculinity in America”.

This is the kind of man I hope my son becomes. A man who actually loves women and not just for their ability to bear children, be cute and pretty, or stand mutely by their side as they succeed.

We need men who will stand up for and with women and who are not afraid to question themselves and the status-quo.

We need men who recognize that patriarchy has let us all down and that the only way to save what we can of the planet is for all of us to work side-by-side in love and respect. There’s really nothing much else that matters.

Leslie Andrachuk

As a bilingual pioneer in global digital publishing and marketing, Leslie is happiest when creating new things and inspiring her teams. She is passionate about changing biases that hold women back from realizing their true power and is grateful that at this point in her career she has the skills to make real change.

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