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5 European Alpha Women Who Changed The World


European women are changing the world! Here are five Alpha Women you need to know about.

Chiara Ferragni- Influencer

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni

Chiara Ferragni, born in Cremona, Italy in 1987, is an Italian blogger, fashion designer, businesswoman and model. Even though she started her career as a blogger, her popularity grew quickly,  beginning with  the increase of visitors at the Uffizi Museum in Florence, and on to collaborations with brands such as Pantene and Evian. 

But Chiara’s commitment is not shown just while on the job. Indeed, she and her husband were awarded with the prestigious Ambrogino d’Oro in 2020.The “Ambrogino d’Oro” is an award that the city of Milan gives to those who are active in charity. At this Award’s event, Chiara decided to wear red shoes, to raise awareness for  femicides , still very present in Italy nowadays. The award was given to thank them for the effort shown during the pandemic and in recognition of the fact that the couple raised almost 4.5 million euros for creating new hospital beds during the COVID emergency.

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