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Building Bridges; Save the Saskatchewan Water Delta


During one of my courses at the University of Saskatchewan, I was made aware of the Saskatchewan water delta, which is one of the largest inland deltas in North America. It is a tremendously biologically rich, 10,000 km2 network of waterways, wetlands and low-lying forests. Many of the species that live in the Delta such as waterfowl, beavers, muskrats, moose, and fish are culturally important for the Indigenous peoples that have lived there for millennia.

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Lysette Neckoway

ysette Neckoway is from the Nisichawayshik Cree Nation, located in the treaty 5 territory of northern Manitoba. Currently residing in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Lysette attends the University of Saskatchewan where she is working to obtain her 3-year B.A in indigenous studies, after which she plans on working towards her law degree. She is the mother of two boys ages 2 and 12 and in her spare time she enjoys creative writing, beading and reading.

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