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Thank you for relaxation, complication.
Hibernation and irritation.
Seclusion, confusion.
All my impurities and insecurities.
Cause I know it’s just God perfecting me.
That’s why today, I take life as it comes.
~ India Arie

Isn’t it special? This gift, all this new found time we’ve always wanted. A reset, and redo; like a long, deep breath, that we actually get to sit in to, for a very long time … pause has been pressed – you have this magical opportunity that came out of nowhere (but really somewhere), to do nothing else but be.you. I tingle just thinking about it … 

So, what are you creating, what are you cultivating, conjuring forth in your honour?  

Welcome this reality check; a time to be honest and stripped free, raw and naked; oh naturale – this gift, if you allow it to be … The freedom from impersonation; the nails, lashes, make-up, dress-up. Sisters, let your true being step forward, and shine bright in your temple. Yes, take care of her; love every inch, be raw, natural and real. Do what feels right, reconnect with the real you. The results are beyond words, believe me.

And have you reconnected with Mother Nature, as yet? She’s calling you. New energy is in the air; this time of renewal, creation and re-creation. A time for grounding and settling in; cultivating new, deeper roots – your foundation. 

Focus on today only, as tomorrow will be here then. Upsets and setbacks are a part of the journey; there are no lessons on a smooth road. Growth and resilience bloom from life’s lessons; and now move on, they don’t define you. There’s so much to do, to embrace, to discover, just keep moving forward. Passion awaits you with open arms, whenever you’re ready – dive into yourself.

Ready then? Lets go. We walk, we talk, shed light on your path; how to get there and where you’re meant to go. Through passion and purpose, with ease and grace; step foot on your path – it leads back home.


Yara Faye Indi

Ayurvedic Counsellor, Herbalist and Author specializing in plant remedies, conscious creation and experiential growth. With over fifteen years in the wholistic community, practicing in natural wellness and plants with an affection for cannabis; as a wholistic regime for health and connection. Yara Faye Indi Co., A counselling journey; an enlightened path back home to self - to ritual, to practice - to peace. Featuring hand-crafted health and wellness products, Ayurvedic apothecary and infused kitchen.

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