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From our first period to our last, society has shamed us into staying silent. Given that menstruation is what allows us to carry on human life, it sure does seem strange that we would feel shamed for it.

Shame comes in many forms. From using code words to cover it up (hello, Aunty Flo?) to lack of accessibility to products, to humour around our state of mind when we become emotional or irrational as we enter our cycle, there’s no end to the ways we are raised to feel bad about our bodies.

We’ve asked Julie Cole, a recovered lawyer, mom of six and co-founder of Mabel’s Labels, is a passionate entrepreneur, author, regular television contributor, to join us in this episode. As a mother of 6, she is no stranger to cycles and mood swings. As she herself enters perimenopause, she has a bird’s eye view on how we are shamed from our first period to our last and she’s not having it!  Julie joins us to talk about the struggle against the stigma of women’s reproductive health. She also shares some great advice on how to raise the next generation to normalize, not stigmatize women’s health.

Tune in!

She 2.0

She2.0 talks about everything and anything to do with menopause. Through our podcast series experts offer advice and options to women to help guide them through this next phase. Our goal is to keep your body active, your mind sharp and your sex, hot because we know that menopause doesn't have to suck

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