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Shine with Ayurveda and Wellness Counsellor Ferzana Natasha DeSouza


Speaking from a place of familiarity, I trust to create. 

I’m now certain of my purpose. I’m understanding where it came from and why. Surprisingly it’s really simple – that’s the highlight. I have a purpose to continue doing me; embracing my wants, needs, desires…they’re endless.  Understanding and living my dharma, all the while embracing the rise and fall of every moment with acceptance and grace.

Actually that’s what we’re all here to do, I believe. It’s such an enlightening experience once we accept it and allow our true selves to bloom – to be authentic, to embrace being in entirety. And then, when we’re truly embodying our gifts, that’s when we begin to present what we know and love as our purpose. It’s that simple.

Life is not this complicated mess you’re creating for yourself … think about it … conditioning yourself into bad habits, tuning out instead of tuning in, existing (not even living) in a subconscious state – day after day … the very thought, lowers my vibration and yes, we’ve all been there.


About five years ago I discovered Ayurveda; aka life knowledge (seriously), a five thousand year old science, the sister science of Yoga – maybe you’ve heard of it. With endless gratitude, I now understand why and how to just be me. Grounded, connected and living in rhythm with my natural flow and with Mother Earth as my guide. Just like the moon rises every night, and the seasons change year after year, we do the same; we say the macro affects the micro or the external effects the internal. When we can connect in mind, body and spirit to our natural,  universal rhythms we will then know peace.

So the inspiring part in all of this (in case you needed more) is there are so many roads to connection – each unique, old and strange in it’s own way. Do any specific modes call to you? My first love affair was with plants. I’m still navigating our connection twenty years later, the draw is so real and abundant.

I’m a floral designer; my first academic accomplishment. Answering a call when I was about twenty-four I opened a flower store called A New Leaf, in mid-town Toronto no less. I also hand-crafted a signature, all natural health and wellness line affectionately name Back to Your Roots with my soul sister. I sold herbal tea too, a (self appointed) tisane connoisseur who happens to make the baddest masala chai in my Ayurvedic kitchen.

With herbalism and a desire for more, I discovered Yoga and then Ayurveda. I dove into the ocean of this ancient wisdom and became a counsellor with focus on plants and natural healing; while highlighting my favourite, versatile, and sacred, Mother plant – Cannabis

Ganja, the sacred plant

Yes, I saved the best for last – Ganja; the authentic, original name granted to this ancient plant, gifted by our Earth Mother and so embraced by every ancient culture in history including Sumer, China, Babylonia, the Indus Valley, and the Judean, Greek, Roman, and Islamic civilizations. To help us navigate this space of life, more specifically sisters; this plant is for us. It is a fountain of youth, a superfood, an important self-care tool, and ritual for awareness and presence; in mind, body and spirit.

Listen, I’m obliged to add this notification and I want to be respectful of everyone where they stand today. I’m an expert in my own existence; fourty-two years earth strong. Today I stand as a student, advocate, educator, lover, mother, creator, peaceful … it’s a sweet deal tuning in. I’m presenting to you here for consideration, no claims – if we don’t jive – read on. If you’re still here, there are easy, accessible, healthful options. You only need a willingness and openness to allow space for new ideas and concepts in being. Come, let’s learn, share and bloom, together.

Ferzana Natasha DeSouza is an Educator, Advocate, Wellness Counsellor specializing in natural healing, conscious creation and experiential growth. With over ten years in the wholistic community practicing in natural wellness and plant medicine with a passion for cannabis as a wholistic regime for health and connection. Her offerings are rooted in Ayurvedic and wholistic wisdom. Ferzana Natasha is a regular contributor to Alpha Woman and is here to help our community optimize their mental and physical health through wholistic health practices.

Ferzana Natasha DeSouza

Ferzana is an Educator, Advocate, Wellness Counsellor who specializes in plant medicine, conscious creation and personal growth. With over ten years in the holistic community working with natural healing and plants, Ferzana has a passion for cannabis as a hholistic regime for health and connection. Ferzana's practice is rooted in Ayurveda and yogic wisdom.

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