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She2.0 Podcast Interview: The Truth About Alcohol


Alpha Woman is proud to Co-Laborate with She2.0, a company that provides women with education, resources and advice from experts to optimize their health through perimenopause and menopause — body and mind. 

True or false: when your doctor asks you how many drinks you have in a week, you tell the truth?

For us, the answer is FALSE! We lie! We don’t want to be judged and we don’t want to think we have a problem. Between everyday stressors and a global pandemic, women’s drinking has increased exponentially to the point it is being considered a public health crisis.

So why are there so why is “mommy wine culture” pushing us to pour more and more? Why are we bombarded with memes that encourage us to “Rose all day” as if we are rewarding ourselves for making it through another day?

While the booze may be numbing and soothing, it isn’t helping.

Alcohol is actually adding to the severity of our menopause symptoms and severity.

It can increase frequency and intensity of hot flashes

It breaks down our collagen

It turns into an accelerant ruining our sleep

It adds inches to the muffin top and damages our organs.

We’re not here to judge. We’re here to say that yes, we both fit the characteristics of functioning alcoholics if you look at the medical standards. It doesn’t mean we drink every day, and it doesn’t even mean we drink to get drunk. It’s the consistency and the dependency on booze to cope or relax.

Joining us this episode

We were both nervous and excited to have this chat with Jowita Bydlowska, author of ‘Drunk Mom’, a bestselling memoir about her relapse into alcoholic drinking while parenting a newborn.

Tune in and have a listen as we talk about Jowita’s story, what she’s learned and what we should be learning too.

She 2.0

She2.0 talks about everything and anything to do with menopause. Through our podcast series experts offer advice and options to women to help guide them through this next phase. Our goal is to keep your body active, your mind sharp and your sex, hot because we know that menopause doesn't have to suck

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