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Cultivating Self-Love


Hello soul,

First, a joyful Thank You!

Thanks for being there, thanks for showing up and holding space. Most times, the lessons and calling are so subtle, almost discreet; so much so that only when tuned in – can I hear you.

The world in front of us today is so full; it’s busting with so much insignificance. Is this not our reality? One in which, we long so, to fit into … social conditioning created this mess (let’s leave it at that for now shall we)… the real question we should be asking ourselves – how do you really feel, like really? 

What is your soul (or intuition, calling, essence) saying to you? 

Are you listening or at least trying to?

Honestly, all we can do is try. There is no end destination to living, the road is as abundant or as shitty as you create it to be; or so to speak … it is just that; a road, a path, a movement towards flow and ease; if you so choose. Like the flow of your existence; the one you’re creating everyday, every hour, with every choice you make … isn’t that true and really so obvious.

It starts with one choice – choose you > yes, even when it’s difficult, choose you. The thoughtful, conscious version of you. If we all choose to fill ourselves up first; there would be so many fulfilled, satisfied beings around – the result would equal healing for all. When we’re in a state of being; at peace … now, we can do for others, feel me.

It’s up to you

What do you want? Peace, Balance, Health, Love, Meaning? How are you cultivating it; it’s up to you, and only you to create. Do you realize no one can give us the gift of Peace, Balance, Health, Love, or Meaning > these are all solely up to you.

So what is soul or intuition or essence? Where is she, I want her, I need her…shhh wait. Take a deep breath. Take a few (close your eyes), be patient, listen > she’s within you; answering your call. You just light her up and all you have to do is tune in. The answers are there – like a present; hidden deep within you.

A whisper; a subtle calling. An energy which resides in each of us; it can go unnoticed and even forgotten … but she’s still there. You know that saying ‘practice makes perfect’; let’s say ‘practice makes possible’. Practicing to listen in my existence equals self love – yes, it’s a beautiful thing.

Self Love: Is ALL of this; and some:

Aromatherapy + Visual Therapy

Plant Medicine + Healthful Nutrition

Practice + Pleasure

Dance + Art for days

Sex + Intimacy

Play + Adventure

Connect with Mother Nature

Minimalism + Thoughtfulness

Kindness + Awareness

Accountability + Individuality

Illustration by Agathe Sorlet

Cultivating Self-Love

It’s not complicated, to begin, cultivate some easy habits, such as:

1. Deep breaths in AND out as many times you can remember; yes, all day long. 

2. Be courteous and smile; the energy of a kind connection goes a long way.

3. Say Thank You; it’s the only prayer you’ll ever need.

4. Go. Out. Side. Without your phone. Disconnect to reconnect with what’s important AND we need fresh air to thrive (remember deep breaths)

5. Learn your body inside and out; fall in love in your Temple.

6. Don’t eat shit, period. (When you know better, do better ~ Maya Angelou)

7. Be conscious of all your actions, and your choices. Ya indulgences are fine, on occasion, however BALANCE is key.

8. Answer your calling. Listen to your intuition.

9. Follow your dreams.

One last thing; there is no one road. Each life is an individual, winding path. Full of ins and outs, ups and downs;  all of which are part of the flow of your existence. Tune in, make the connection.

Do you need help connecting with your essence, or getting in flow? Is the path a little dim? We can walk together – one step at a time. You’re existence, your time here in this physical realm is precious, and you are so worth it … Call me, I’ll answer.

Lots of love,

Yara Faye

Yara Faye Indi; Educator, Advocate, Wellness Counsellor; specializing in plant medicine, conscious creation and experiential growth. With over ten years in the wholistic community practicing in natural wellness and plants with a passion for cannabis; as a wholistic regime for health and connection. My offerings are rooted in Ayurvedic and wholistic wisdom. 

I am becoming … my deepest gratitude to have had my intuition guide me for the greater part of my journey thus far. Of late I’m tuning in – listening with intention. Forever unfolding, restless, experiencing, being. A mother, life partner, and teacher with a call to share, to guide; more specifically with my sisters of glowing colour for growth, presence, uprising. Come, let’s shine together. 


Yara Faye Indi

Ayurvedic Counsellor, Herbalist and Author specializing in plant remedies, conscious creation and experiential growth. With over fifteen years in the wholistic community, practicing in natural wellness and plants with an affection for cannabis; as a wholistic regime for health and connection. Yara Faye Indi Co., A counselling journey; an enlightened path back home to self - to ritual, to practice - to peace. Featuring hand-crafted health and wellness products, Ayurvedic apothecary and infused kitchen.

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