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Necole Hines blazing a trail in cannabis education and infusions


Necole Hines is a Cannabis Chef, Advocate, Educator & Cannatherapy Consultant who founded Faded Living in 2020; a lifestyle brand normalizing adult cannabis use through infused food and Jamaican flavours. Necole is also the co-founder of Louder Together Cannabis Advocacy Society; a nonprofit organization that elevates and amplifies BIPOC in the cannabis space. Necole’s passion for social justice and the Cannabis plant has allowed her to create a 420 lifestyle, bringing balance, wellness, enlightenment and change.

Necole Hines

I met Necole last April when I watched her cooking with cannabis segment at a CanMar event. At the time, I was using the magic butter machine to make cannabis oil for my dad who has chronic pain –  I was keen to learn more about Necole and her brand. 

Since then, I’ve gotten to know Necole well and every conversation we have, I learn something new – and especially from the Faded Living workshops! She’s a true Alpha Woman. And in Necole’s words, an Alpha Woman is not afraid to take risks and share her knowledge for other women to rise up. It’s Confidence.

Necole and I caught up this week and we discussed everything from the challenges you’ll face as a cannabis chef and educator, what it takes to be an an entrepreneur in this space, holiday infusions and dosing, and what’s coming in 2022 for Faded Living. 

JR: What advice would you give to entrepreneurs looking to combine their passions into a business?

“You can’t be afraid of other opportunities, you should maintain a place of work. It can be discouraging when you’re not making money but you have to keep going. That’s the commitment to start and run a business that’s your passion, and the most rewarding.”

We both agree, you have to love the plant. You’ll face challenges when setting up a bank account, payment processes, renting real-estate and insurance, just to name a few.  Your love for the plant and the benefits it brings to others will keep you going. It’s such a highly regulated industry, it’s not for everybody.

Unfortunately, cannabis is seen as a commodity more than a medicine.

Like everything in life, there’s always room for improvement – and in this case, cannabis legalization needs improvement, especially on the educational front.

“There should be a requirement for every cannabis business to have an educational department.”

Imagine if Canadian airports had educational pamphlets describing the benefits of the plant! Canada is the second country in world to legalize both recreational and medical cannabis and we have access to the right scientific information, we need to share this with the rest of the world. It would be awesome to provide the general public about current clinical trials and research projects that are revealing the many therapeutic properties of

Our conversation moved away from politics and got into the fun stuff… infusions!

This year’s infused holiday beverages:

  • Infused Almond Nog
  • Spiced Apple Cider
  • Honey Spiced Punch
  • Infused Hot Cocoa

Want these recipes? Register for Necole’s workshop this Saturday here!

Necole’s notes for dosing:

  • Low THC for cooking. Scale up if you need more. 
    • Microdose approach 
  • Use the legal benchmark of 10mg
  • When infusing oil and honey = 10-13 % THC/tbsp
  • Will recommend you cultivars and strains with lower THC ideal for cooking. Mange haze is 10%
  • For pain management = layer the experience with smoking/vaping

How to Calculate Dosing

Dosing is always the million dollar question! Here, finally, we have the science.

  1. Convert your cannabis from grams to milligrams
    3.5 grams x 1000 = 3500 miligrams
  2. Know the THC % of your Cultivar
    3500 x 0.06 (6% THC) = 210mg
  3. Determine how many tablespoons are in your batch
    250ml has 16 tablespoons
    210mg / 16tbsp =13.13mg of THC per tbsp

What’s up for Faded Living in 2022?

  • Faded Living infused ebook
  • Coffee table cookbook 
  • Learning platform workshops

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