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Period Myths and Misnomers – Alpha Woman Street Team Video


This menstruation month at Alpha Woman, our Street Team went around the UBC Vancouver campus conducting pop quizzes with the intent to help educate and debunk a few myths around menstruation.

How many times have you had to endure listening to people say belittling or nasty things to you because they think you’re crabby because you’re on your period. That’s right, probably too many times to count. Were you raised to believe that you couldn’t do things because you had your period? Many women around the world are, but stay tuned to Alpha Woman because our Street Team did some woman-on-the-street investigating and it’s gynomite!

Our dedicated team of International Interns from The University of British Columbia were not shy in asking the questions that need to be asked about period myths, shame and poverty experienced by all genders. Show your support for menstruators everywhere by purchasing our limited edition Alpha Woman Menstruation Month t-shirt designed by Street Team member and Alpha Woman Intern, Sadhvi Sail. The other amazing interns that dedicated their time and energy to this project include Vamshi Malli, Astha Kumar, Anagha Gopinath and Anoushka Sharma.

Check out the video now and make sure you share with everyone you know, and make sure you visit our Menstruation Section for more fantastic content on how people experience menstruation around the world.


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