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One Pill to Tackle Multiple Menopause Symptoms, is it Possible?


Alpha Woman is proud to Co-Laborate with She2.0, a company that provides women with education, resources and advice from experts to optimize their health through perimenopause and menopause — body and mind. 

We’re all destined for menopause – if we’re lucky! But it can be a tough journey for most women.  Until a decade ago, there weren’t really any options. We had to ‘suffer through it.’ Thankfully times have changed, and we’ve come a long way, baby! From hormones to herbs, vitamins, and other holistic options, we are finally being given solutions.

Join us as we chat with Sherry Torkos, a holistically oriented pharmacist, health writer and a woman in menopause.  Sherry shares an alternative to HRT that many women will find incredibly helpful – and safe!  We talk about the incredible benefits of Red Clover and how Promensil uses it to help alleviate some of the worst of our menopause symptoms.

In the past, menopause was treated with medical based solutions like hormones, antidepressants, and sedatives.  It’s only in the past 10 years or so have natural therapies become embraced, accepted, and utilized giving us more options based on our needs and our comfort level.

What is Promensil? It is a safe and effective way to treat menopause symptoms like vaginal dryness, lack of concentration, hot flashes, and night sweats to name a few!

Tune in to see if this natural solution might be right for you!

She 2.0

She2.0 talks about everything and anything to do with menopause. Through our podcast series experts offer advice and options to women to help guide them through this next phase. Our goal is to keep your body active, your mind sharp and your sex, hot because we know that menopause doesn't have to suck

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