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I Tried a DivaCup for the First Time and Here’s How it Went


Menstrual cups have been around for nearly a century. Invented in the 1930s, this sustainable period product only recently gained popularity. And with the rise of menstrual cups came the DivaCup. A mother-daughter duo founded the company in 2003, and DivaCup has become the most well-known menstrual cup brand globally and has helped millions of menstruators ditch their tampons and pads. The cups are good to wear for up to twelve hours and produce far less waste than other products. As an avid tampon user, I was intrigued yet terrified.

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The Diva Cup is a much more sustainable and cost-effective alternative to tampons or pads. The cup is surprisingly comfortable and great for long hours of a carefree flow. The only downside is the inconvenience of changing and cleaning the cup.

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Gabrielle Samson

Gabrielle is a Ryerson student in the Creative Industries program with a passion for diverse media and women empowerment. As a young, Queer, Woman of Color, Gabrielle is passionate about contributing to the Young Alpha series from a lens of intersectionality. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer eager to advocate for physical and mental health for young women.

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