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Debunking 13 Common Myths About Periods


Periods are no fun. They’re painful, distressing and come with a slew of other negative side effects and social stigmas. The social stigma around menstruation can make finding resources difficult. Many people try to avoid the topic and steer clear of any mention of period pain, blood and symptoms. This means young menstruators with a lack of education are vulnerable to misinformation. This month at Alpha Woman, we want to help separate the myths from reality about menstruation. So I put together 13 common period myths to set the record straight.

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Gabrielle Samson

Gabrielle is a Ryerson student in the Creative Industries program with a passion for diverse media and women empowerment. As a young, Queer, Woman of Color, Gabrielle is passionate about contributing to the Young Alpha series from a lens of intersectionality. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer eager to advocate for physical and mental health for young women.

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