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5 Cannabis Brands Here to Help With Your Menstrual Pain


Period cramps suck. Even at their mildest, it can often feel like tiny knives slowly slicing at your uterus. And at their worst, it feels like a fatal heart attack charging at your abdomen. Not to mention, period pain can expand beyond just cramps. For example, some menstruators experience nausea, back pain, muscle weakness, and intense headaches. So, needless to say, menstrual pain is no walk in the park- but cannabis has a solution. We rounded up five cannabis brands with helpful products for your period pain. Here’s what we found.

1. Foria Wellness

cannabis for menstrual cramps


First up, Foria Wellness is a wellness brand with 100% plant-based ingredients. Founded in 2013 in Colorado, Foria focuses on sexual health and women’s empowerment using safe and sustainable ingredients. In addition to using sustainable and eco-friendly packaging, Foria’s CBD infused products are a great solution to battling period pain. Their best-selling relief suppositories are inserted into the vagina to release CBD and relieve tension and menstrual cramping. The site has a wide variety of products perfect for your time of the month and beyond!

2. Dr Kerklaan

cannabis period menstruation pain dr. kerklaan


Next up, Dr Kerklaan Therapeutics is a science-based wellness brand perfect for your CBD needs. Doctor Andrew Kerklaan started the brand in 2016 to provide safe medical cannabis to patients. Dr Kerklaan’s site features creams, sprays and sticks for better sleep, skin and relief. And what’s best, the site also has a section for PMS pain to cater to menstruators in need of safe and effective relief.

3. Good Hemp

cannabis period menstrual pain


Next, Good Hemp is a sustainable hemp brand based in the UK. Good Hemp is known for its healthy and sustainable dairy-free milk made with organic hemp. In addition to their nutritious vegan milk, they also sell hemp-infused snacks, oils and proteins for mental and physical wellness. Their all-natural and lab-tested CBD oils are a great way to manage period pain. Not to mention, their sustainably sourced products means you can relieve menstrual pain and help the environment at the same time!

4. Papa and Barkley

cannabis menstrual pain period


Papa and Barkley is a wellness brand for fixing everyday discomfort and pain. With 100% natural ingredients, Papa and Barkley provide support and “re-leaf” for sleep, stress, discomfort and muscle pain. Their Releaf CBD products come in creams, topicals, capsules and more! In addition to providing relief from period pain, Papa and Barkley is another organic cannabis brand committed to clean and pure ingredients. A win-win for period pain and the environment!

5. EKS

menstrual pain cannabis period


And last but certainly not least, Earth Kisses Sky, owned by Alpha Woman’s very own Tijen and Ashley. This Queer and Canadian-owned brand features cannabis-infused topicals created by the wellness duo. Their salves are infused with natural herbal ingredients to help provide natural relief. To hear more about EKS, check out our Alpha Woman podcast interview with Tijen and Ashley, or take a look at The Wellness Duo!

Gabrielle Samson

Gabrielle is a Ryerson student in the Creative Industries program with a passion for diverse media and women empowerment. As a young, Queer, Woman of Color, Gabrielle is passionate about contributing to the Young Alpha series from a lens of intersectionality. She is also a fitness instructor and personal trainer eager to advocate for physical and mental health for young women.

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