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That’s a Wrap!


Alpha Woman is proud to Co-Laborate with She2.0, a company that provides women with education, resources and advice from experts to optimize their health through perimenopause and menopause — body and mind. 

Sure, it seems a little early to be wrapping for the season but hey, Loblaws had the Advent calendars out the day after Halloween and some radio stations are already playing non-stop holiday music so we’re not that far off!

Tune in to our final episode of Season 3 where we reminisce about the year we’re leaving behind and share our favourite podcasts of the season.  We’ll still be chatting away on our Facebook and Instagram channels but you’ll have to wait til early 2022 to hear about our exciting new line up of topics and guests. As always, we’d love to hear from you! It’s lonely on the mic and we love your feedback.

We know the holidays can be super stressful. Especially when your hormones are making you a hot mess.  So, we’ve got some suggestions to help you stay chill during those chaotic but festive moments.

To all our amazing women – we hope you have a fabulous holiday season and we can’t wait to bring you more amazing advice and tips in 2022. Don’t forget to follow our Facebook and Instagram page for holiday tips and content!

Stay safe. Stay ‘cool’. Stay fabulous!

See you in 2022!

She 2.0

She2.0 talks about everything and anything to do with menopause. Through our podcast series experts offer advice and options to women to help guide them through this next phase. Our goal is to keep your body active, your mind sharp and your sex, hot because we know that menopause doesn't have to suck

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