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Interview With Activist and Founder of MenstruActua, Valeria Moncada


July is menstruation month at Alpha Woman. We’ve been exploring how people around the world menstruate, the impact of period poverty, how girls and women around the world are educated about their periods and more. Which is why we are honoured to interview graduate student and activist, Valeria Moncada.

Valeria is a very impressive young woman. A Salvadoran changemaker who immigrated to Vancouver, Canada four years ago, Valeria is the Founder of ‘MenstruActua’, a social project that tackles period poverty and stigma by providing reusable menstrual pads and educational workshops in El Salvador.

She is a gender equality advocate who has collaborated with different organizations for women empowerment and mental health as a Mentor and Senior Peer. Recently she delivered her first TEDxTalk to raise awareness about period poverty as a barrier to achieve gender equality at her alma mater The University of British Columbia where she earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Education. She is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Family Therapy and a Postgraduate Degree in Child & Adolescent Clinical Psychology, all to pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a therapist to continue advocating for women and families.

Start of interview (2:08)
Growing up in El Salvador (4:12)
Period education in El Salvador (9:38)
Valeria’s eventful and educational summer of 2019 (17:43)
What’s next for MenstruActua? (27:22)
Valeria’s Inspirational Alpha Woman (34:30)
Valeria’s self-care routine (37:53)

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Podcast researcher Anvi Sethi

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Menstruactua: https://www.instagram.com/menstruactua/

Leslie Andrachuk

As a bilingual pioneer in global digital publishing and marketing, Leslie is happiest when creating new things and inspiring her teams. She is passionate about changing biases that hold women back from realizing their true power and is grateful that at this point in her career she has the skills to make real change.

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