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During Menstruation Month at Alpha Woman, a sister intern Anvi Sethi and I reviewed two very different period products the environmentally friendly biodegradable Ruth pads and the Sofy Center-in pads – with a focus on discussing the different social aspects that these pads stem from and consequently, their marketing strategies. Stay tuned later in the week to see our unboxing reactions!

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Monica Okochi

Meet Monica, a Second-year University of British Columbia student studying in the Bachelors of International Economics Program. Growing up as a third-culture child, she began her research exploring the extending influence of globalization along her own associations as the by-product, anchoring her interests into Economics. She believes Economics to be a key participant that interconnects and touches upon many different global issues. Monica hopes to use her intercultural capabilities to dig deeper into the social, economic, cultural, and political agents in gender socialization and advocate the voices of women across the world. She is also a black belt in karate and a tennis player, enjoying her time spent outdoors and always enthusiastic to try something new!

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