Top 3 CBD Questions we get asked most often

Not sure what the difference is between THC and CBD? Debating if cannabis is right for you? Read stories and get advice from members sharing their cannabis experiences.
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Top 3 CBD Questions we get asked most often

Post by alphawomanco » Thu Nov 21, 2019 9:06 am

As cannabis becomes legal in more countries around the world, people of all walks want to know what is cannabis, what is THC and what is CBD? Our amazing Wellness Duo took some time to answer the top 3 CBD questions.

Top 3 CBD Questions:
  1. Why should I integrate CBD into my health and wellness routine?
  2. How is it that CBD is effective for so many health and wellness purposes?
  3. Who uses CBD and why?
See what Tijen and Ashley have to say: ... questions/
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