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Bola Sokunbi’s Mission to Help Women with Money and Financial Wellness


Bola Sokunbi is a certified financial educator, money expert, Speaker, best-selling author, and CEO and founder of Clever Girl Finances. Sokunbi is married and has beautiful twins. She is passionate about family, faith, and friendships, and even maintains a personal blog. The youngest of four kids, and the only girl, Sokunbi grew up in Nigeria. Her father was the breadwinner while her mom stayed home taking care of the house. Sokunbi’s father worked hard and spent a lot of money to educate her three older brothers abroad. Right before she graduated high school her father fell sick and was forced to retire early, and this is where the beautiful story begins. 

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Sarah Rhone

I am a first-year student at the University of Ottawa studying Business Technology Management. Aside from my major I am very passionate about social justice and black excellence. A quote I live by is "You were born an original. Don't die a copy"-John Mason, in other words, we are created uniquely and we should embrace our differences rather than change them. My favourite leisure activities are reading (which I have started my mini library), any kind of creative work, and baking. I have big dreams of leaving my mark in this world and each day I am one step closer so darkening the print.

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