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Juily Wagle, Founder of Transform MetaboliX; Bravery requires ownership of consequences, good and bad


Juily Wagle is a Mumbai born and bred fitness trainer, movement addict, yogi and a mother of two. She made her way from a corporate job to fitness entrepreneur where she derives great satisfaction in knowing her clients live a more fulfilled, holistic lifestyle that supports their wellness. Juile is a true Alpha Woman, embracing her power and living her best life with intention.

AW: Tell us about your professional journey and how did you end up in the position you are in now?

I am an engineer and an MBA finance by education. After about 13 years in the banking industry, I finally had the courage to pursue my real passion, which is fitness, nutrition and healthy living. I was always inclined to this field but I never thought that this could actually be a career option growing up in a maharashtruan service oriented middle class family. But when you are so passionate about something, it is just logical that you build a career around it. So here I am enjoying and looking forward to every single day as an innovative fitness entrepreneur and motivator.

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