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Are You Heart Smart? What You Don’t Know CAN Kill You


COVID, virtual schooling and WFH have taken a toll on our mental and emotional health. While we struggle to get back to a more normal lifestyle, we also have to check in on our health. What many women don’t realize is that once we hit our 40’s, our bodies produce less estrogen which means less protection for our hearts. Cardiovascular disease is the Number One killer of women over 50.  Jacquie found this out the hard way by getting bloodwork for an HRT assessment. That’s when we learned that our cholesterol rises with the onset of perimenopause.

In this episode, Dr. Beth Abramson M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto joins us to talk about women and heart health. Dr. Abramson is the Paul Albrechtsen Professor in Cardiac Prevention and Women’s Health in the Division of Cardiology at St. Michael’s Hospital, University of Toronto. Dr. Abramson shares some critical points about symptoms and signs not to ignore and how to maintain a healthy and strong heart.

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She2.0 talks about everything and anything to do with menopause. Through our podcast series experts offer advice and options to women to help guide them through this next phase. Our goal is to keep your body active, your mind sharp and your sex, hot because we know that menopause doesn't have to suck

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