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Webinar: Building Community During the Time of Physical Distancing


Webinar: Building Community During the Time of Physical Distancing

Alpha Woman Lunch & Learn Sessions

In this webinar, Aleena discusses how to build community during the time of physical distancing.

Join Leslie Andrachuk, CEO of Alpha Woman and Aleena Mazhar, Managing Director of Experiential at FUSE, to talk about building connections in your community when you can’t physically be around – and why community is more important than ever. We will discuss consumer expectations of brands within the context of today, and how brands can lean in to play a supportive role during this time.

This free webinar will be done over Zoom. To allow for meaningful Q&A, space is limited, register for your tickets now!

About Aleena

Over the past eleven years, Aleena has grown up within the ever-evolving live experience business. Her focus is to create experience-led integrated campaigns for brands that are looking to get noticed.

Working with top tier clients on award winning work, Aleena works with a strong team of creative problem solvers at Fuse to build moments of human connection that drive her clients’ businesses forward. Her passion for coaching a team, and solving big complex creative problems drives her continued excitement for the marketing industry.


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