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The Future of Medical Cannabis through Research, Tech, Data and Pharma

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Join us as experts explore the future of Medical Cannabis, Research, Data, Tech and Pharma – where and how are they intertwined?


About this Event

Medical cannabis is gaining in interest on the global stage as more and more countries are creating regulatory systems to enable access, often before research and reliable dosing and delivery systems are tested and developed.

This summit is for you if you’re:

  • A cannabis researcher
  • A licensed producer of medical cannabis
  • In the pharma industry, looking to develop cannabis products
  • A marketer of medical cannabis products
  • A tech company making new ways to deliver medical cannabis
  • A tech company gathering and analysing medical cannabis user data
  • A cannabis processor/extractor
  • A medical cannabis distributor
  • An investor in the medical cannabis space
  • Media covering the medical and cannabis spaces

Topics we will explore:

  1. The research behind the efficacy of cannabis
  2. The new technologies and delivery systems being developed to ensure correct and timely dosage for specific ailments
  3. How the cannabis industry is approaching medical product development
  4. How marketers are leveraging data and research to market medical cannabis products

Included in the mini summit will be:

  • Networking after-party with refreshments and snacks
  • Special start-up pricing
  • Door prize worth ~$200 provided by Foliee Skincare and Wellness products
This is an educational, 19+ event.

Keynote Speaker

Sabrina Ramkellawan

Sabrina will share her expertise on key topics driving Cannabis 3.0, which she believes is medical innovation and data required to substantiate the efficacy and safety of medical cannabis.

Topics Sabrina will cover:

  • -Current Regulatory Landscape to conduct cannabinoid research
  • -Opportunities for cannabinoid product development and innovation
  • -Technology and innovation in drug delivery

Sabrina Ramkellawan started her career as a Registered Nurse with a specialty in critical care. She has 20+ years of experience in conducting clinical trials to help bring drugs and devices to market in a few environments including contract research organizations, pharmaceutical companies (Biovail and Apotex Inc) and investigator sites (medical clinics & hospitals).

She was the previous Director of Operations at Biopharma Services and INC Research (now renamed Syneos Health) which is one of the top research organizations globally. Clinical research experience in Phase I to IV clinical trials and specialty areas include early phase studies, bioequivalence/bioavailability, biologics, device studies, vaccine studies, drug abuse liability studies, drug/drug interaction, and medical cannabis research.

During the last 5 years working in medical cannabis research, she has the opportunity to work with several cannabis companies to help them conduct research. In her current role as the VP of Clinical Affairs at TerrAscend, she is responsible for overseeing clinical trials to ensure it is aligned with the company’s R&D goals with respect to cannabinoid product development and strategic partnerships. She has been involved with several cannabis research studies including chronic pain, PTSD, pharmacokinetic studies, Sativex clinical trial, and a post-concussion study. More recently she has helped to build the first Cannabis Educator Program with Michener Institute of Education at UHN geared to educating healthcare providers with evidence based science and research.

Will Stewart


Mr. Stewart, a well-known Canadian cannabis executive, insider and former Harvest One Board member, is a leading influencer in cannabis and worked for years in political and corporate circles pushing for legalization and reducing stigma.

He was named a Top 100 Lobbyist in Canada for seven consecutive years and received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributions to Canadian public policy. In addition, Mr. Stewart has consulted to more than a dozen cannabis companies and was most recently Vice President at Hiku Brands.

Panel Moderator

Discussion topic: Leveraging data and research to drive medical cannabis marketing goals

Nicole Bleiwas

With 20+ years of experience in roles spanning marketing, sales and corporate strategy, Nicole has built and implemented strategic plans and commercial capabilities for companies that include Flipp, Kraft Heinz, Canada Bread and Coca-Cola. She has an innate curiosity for getting at the “why” behind consumer behaviour and a passion for understanding how well brands & businesses are positioned to capture demand.

Nicole was recently appointed President of Herbert, a cannabis and herbal wellness beverage company after working as Vapium’s COO for most of the past year.

Having spent a large part of her career leading insights & analytic teams and being a self-professed data and research junkie, Nicole is thrilled to be moderating our panel.


Dr. Phillip Olla

Dr. Phillip Olla is the Co-CEO of Audacia Bioscience, a Clinical Research organization incorporating breath biomarkers, Artificial Intelligence and smartphone technology to transform how Cannabis clinical trials are conducted.

Prior to founding Audacia Bioscience, he served 10 years as a Professor of Health Informatics and the Executive Director of the Center for Research at Madonna University, Michigan USA. Philip is a highly creative visionary with over 10 years of leadership expertise at the management and executive level. He has successfully implemented a variety of scientific research and commercial projects in the healthcare and technology domain and has a proven track record in the successful delivery of projects with budgets ranging from $5k to $5 million.

Phillip is a worldwide speaker with engagements at the UN, IAF, WHO. Phillips’ professional experience and technical consulting services span an array of industries such as Oracle, 02, British Telecom, Roche Diagnostics and NASA.

Phillip has a PhD in Information Systems from Brunel University in the UK. His publications include 60 peer-reviewed journal articles, 5 industry reports, 7 book chapters and 4 books.

Kristina Shea

Kristina’s personal and professional journey as a founding team member of Rapid Dose Therapeutics makes her a passionate speaker about the medical cannabis patient journey and the impact that innovation and new delivery systems have on patients’ lives and well-being.

Kristina is a founding team member of Rapid Dose Therapeutics, senior marketing executive and a medical cannabis patient herself after she suffered from a serious brain cyst resulting in debilitating migraines and subsequent health conditions — including the undesired side-effects from prescription pain killers. Kristina then discovered the medical benefits of CBD — as a non-smoker, she desired a precisely dosed, non-smoking, delivery system other than smoking or vaping. This prompted her journey with Rapid Dose Therapeutics and their flagship product QuickStrip™, a No Smoke. No Vape. No Stigma™ solution.

As Director of Marketing Communications at Rapid Dose Therapeutics, Kristina is a results-driven leader with a proven track record for driving business growth and brand equity throughout diverse business sectors. Kristina has extensive experience in branding, strategy, digital communications, creative direction, social media and project management.

Kristina now shares her personal story and educates the public on their smoke-free and vape-free delivery system to support the normalization and education of medical cannabis applications.

Jai Sharma


Since completing a graduate-level degree in Biochemistry at McMaster, Jai has been applying his scientific background to healthcare marketing and communications for 10 years.

Jai manages a variety of different projects for Fuse Health clients, from traditional print communications to live event programming and execution.

Jai has been instrumental in developing the AIMS software for FUSE Health, a proprietary database designed for managing and tracking relationships with influential healthcare professionals across several therapeutic areas. With over 3000+ advisor-influencer profiles on record to-date, the AIMS software has helped clients identify physicians with the right interests and expertise to meet specific brand objectives.

In addition to publishing his own original research, Jai has partnered with numerous physicians as an acknowledged Medical Writer to help navigate the peer-review process and publish credible clinical evidence in high-profile medical journals. His commitment to scientific integrity lends credibility to all communications and has fostered trusting relationships with several prominent Canadian healthcare professionals, including Dermatologists, Rheumatologists, Gastroenterologists, Allergists, Respirologists, Endocrinologists, Oncologists and Family Practitioners.

Katie Pringle


Katie Pringle is an integrated marketing expert and the co-founder of Marigold Marketing & PR and Canndora. Marigold focuses on businesses in all areas of the cannabis industry and has developed a reputation as one of the top cannabis firms in Canada.

Canndora is a media and event platform engaging women in Cannabis, both consumers and industry. Katie has a deep understanding of the social and digital landscape and traditional media mix. She has extensive experience in lifestyle and wellness, with a specific focus on brands that speak to women.

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