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Eve’s Collective Founding a Women’s Cannabis Movement


It has been a tough year.

We’ve all been living with either too much employment or not enough. With too many kids around, too much of the time or we don’t see our kids enough.

We are ALL missing our dear friends and family, the loved ones that we turn to through thick and thin, the loved ones that we give to in order to keep ourselves whole.

For those of us who have passed through illness or worse, lost someone in the past year, only time will allow healing to begin. For time is our only true currency in life.

We have been holding in fear and anxiety, keeping it at bay as the months pass, with hope ebbing and flowing. As we sit here in Toronto, Canada on the first day of yet another lockdown we know we made the right decision launching Eve’s Collective.

Eves Collective is mobilizing women around the world to build a female-dominated cannabis movement. Sometimes it takes a revolution to create real change, and individuals and families need change now more than ever.

We must unlearn what we have been taught about how we should be nurturing ourselves and our planet – mind, body, and spirit.

We must unite and advocate for our right to explore new methodologies for pursuing health and happiness, for ourselves and for our families.

We came together as the Eve Collective to promote peace, love, and life through a shared knowledge of cannabis and its responsible use.

A change is happening worldwide in which old stigmas and mythologies are being debunked, and new levels of awareness and education are changing people’s lives in ways they never imagined possible.

You have found your tribe. Become a Member of Eve’s Collective today and enjoy 15% off all Eve’s events, including our inaugural event series Evolve.

Evolve is a 4-part event series focusing on women and cannabis. Our first event, Genesis, will take place June 18th and will explore the origins of cannabis and how women have used it through the ages. We will re-learn important information from our ancient wise mothers and take this wisdom forward with us.

Expect lots of fun, inspiration, interactivity and learning moments at Evolve, so get your tickets now and save the date in your calendar!

Join Us and help change the world for the better, one woman at a time.


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