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Q&A with Amie Reiman, Founder of HIP Lives


Amie Reiman is a Toronto local, working professional and single mother of one. Amie brings a plethora of experience to the table as it relates juggling parenting a special needs child, career demands and her own health and wellness.

Amie has pivoted her career to become a health and wellness advocate and is working to create an educational platform based upon her personal experiences and connectivity in the health/cannabis space. She is most interested in eliminating the stigma that exists amongst workers, parents and families in need.

AW: Tell us about your professional journey and why/when you ended up committing to the cannabis industry.

It’s a story involving both the health needs of myself and my special needs son, so the best way to do this is to direct you to read about my story on my website HIP Lives. Cannabis was the change we both needed for a restart.

AW: Among all your other initiatives you founded a digital publication called HIP Lives.com. Tell us more about this project.

HIP Lives covers health, wellness, sisterhood, self love and parenting for women. A fun fact about the platform that you might not know is that it’s an acronym. In fact, it stands for the following:

  • Hike in parenting
  • Holistic in Plants
  • Health in progress

I advocate for trauma based consumption, holistic healing, globally accessibility and pediatric cannabis for various special needs. My mission is to bring a collective voice together to enable women to share their stories within the platform.

HIP Lives also works as a liason internationally aligning various groups in the cannabis industry together. “Connected at the HIP” services that cover consultation, sales and brokering, network introductions, strategy, media publications and relationship building.

Amie cooking with her son

AW: You’ve had quite an entrepreneurial career. What have been your top 3 challenges as an entrepreneur and how did you overcome them?

OHHHHHH the 3 F’s….  I can answer this easy!

Fear –

This we all face and it is hard as an independent (and single mom) to often not focus on the what if’s and worry about the unknowns. I have been challenged by this and focus on affirmations daily to uplift myself. Not addressing what I am not…but what I am.

Financial –

Heck, the start up year is always a pinch and I left a corporate salaried role to start fresh, first on a medical leave, then as a new business owner with no real revenue streams.  The leap of faith was tough but I am certain if it was easy “everyone would do it”.

I have dug deep and invested personally in myself to avoid the big paybacks. Working with family and friends when capital is required was a secondary necessity as well.

Females –

I have been a bit taken a back by women I thought were true friends until I started focusing on myself and business. I think a misconception is – the party is over, she has become inflexible, seems fake from outside looking in, it’s a selfish act whilst personally branding.

What a tough pill to swallow but I have made new friends with women I consider like myself. Driven, leaders, they support the successes of other women and are selfless, as the message is unity and strength in message and numbers. These are the women I want in my Pride.

AW: Cannabis can be a tough industry for women yet paradoxically it can also be a tremendous opportunity. What do you think women entrepreneurs can take action on in the space succeed?

I think there are so many areas that require change in the cannabis industry. A new idea or one re-faced at this time in our world could be the dawn of new patent, concept, revolution. Women tend to be the decision makers and so we are the touch that the corporate and new world of Cannabis needs!

AW: Have you seen a shift in attitude towards cannabis since legalization? When do you think stigmas will really begin to break down, and what do you think will be the most prominent drivers of normalization?

I think there has been a significant shift for medicinal patients as more awareness, education and stories are being shared.

Stigmas will really break down when we start seeing the plant for all its purposes, not just the stereotype of it providing a high.

Recreational vs. Medicinal should and will be an ongoing conversation and I am happy to be a part of that.

AW: How do you keep fit mentally and physically?

There have been a number of activities I miss doing because of injuries I have had in the past years however I have been able to re-centre through CBD and therapy-based fitness.

I meditate, read and have enlisted a life coach for my mental growth whilst still taking CBD to combat moods, anxiety and depression. No western pharma for me and my family!

I swim, walk, hike, golf, skate, kayak and paddleboard for my physical fitness – grounded with CBD to combat inflammation, chronic pain and sleep issues that come with both.

My energy levels are typically high as I make sure I rest when needed and don’t push my limits.

Amie and her son

AW: What are you most proud of in your life?

My son.

As a mother to a special needs child I am blessed as we are always challenged by things we do not know in life.

He is a curious, loving, high functioning boy with such honesty and empathetic values. I have learned so much and will always be in his corner to advocate and support him as I help to shape his dreams and education.

I take the utmost pride in his trust in all I put forth with unwavering unconditional love.

There is nothing greater in this world.

AW: Who would you most like to smoke a joint with (dead or alive) and why?

Bob Marley – as it happens, he has been a huge inspiration for me and his movement has been a leading change for so many during this time. Somehow we got away from “One Love” and working to better the world with peace, love and harmony. I should have been rasta. I love the culture, the music, the spirituality and….the ganga.

AW: You’ve been a Beaver Leader with Scouts Canada for over 4 years. Tell us why you choose to spend your time with this organization and what prompted you to get involved.

Actually I have been in Guiding/Scouts for 27 years!  It is a part of how I was raised; my mom and I were very active in the community my entire childhood. I believe in the inclusivity, goal setting, comradery and practical values the organization embraces. There is true community involvement for youth and as an adult, giving of myself and my time has been rewarding as well as enlightening as I watch them learn and grow through the experiences I help teach as their leader.

AW: What excites you most about the next 10 years of the cannabis industry?

That we are in such early days! It is like being a pioneer on the forefront of a new civilization. However, the powers of hemp are not new! It is such a learning curve for all as medicinal science is studied with cannabinoids. We are in the infancy stages and guiding the framework for other countries while we all learn and educate one another.  The collaboration inside the space is very appealing – especially as a mother/woman.

AW: What’s next for HipLives and your other businesses?

2020 is shaping up to be a year of speaking publically and intense product sales and development in Europe. I am partnered under a new umbrella called Eve Collective and there are some secrets up my sleeve! Look for a woman-centric network and product lines specific to womens’ needs.

Always looking to align with like minds in getting to those next steps as I think it’s important women share and use their strengths to empower each other.

AW: Do you have any words of wisdom for other women who are thinking of joining the cannabis industry?

Do not wait for a man to ask you to have a seat at the table.  Be your own voice and invite yourself to that table.

I was once told – believe you are 10ft tall and you will become that in your mind. Our words shape our actions so believe in the I AM and go for it!


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