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Top 5 tips to amplify your personal brand in the workplace and boost your career


For any ambitious Alpha Woman who is looking to advance her career, it is vital to be deliberate when building your internal brand.  By building and amplifying your internal brand, you can show your value, improve your visibility and gain traction in your career.

The most obvious first step is to do your job well and continually strive to be the best at what you do.  But building a successful internal brand goes beyond putting in the hard work and effort.

Here are some tips to amplify your personal brand and get that next promotion:

Keep your promises– this can seem straightforward but it can be tough when deadlines loom and work piles up so when possible, try to put buffers on your timelines.  For example, if you think you can achieve something by Wednesday then set the deadline Thursday but deliver it on Wednesday. By doing this you will exceed expectations. Equally as important is to be honest if you can’t keep your promise or meet a deadline.  By keeping your promises you will build trust and credibility.

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Valerie Khan

Valerie Khan is an accomplished global talent leader, recruitment innovator and diversity champion who is passionate about helping women unlock their full potential. Outside of juggling the roles of a professional, mother and wife, Valerie enjoys getting out to hear live music, travelling the world or relaxing under the covers with a good book.

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