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Six tips to leverage social media to build your personal brand and boost your career


Developing your unique digital profile is an effective way to build your personal brand and boost your career.  I’m sure like me, you have creeped on social media to view a colleague, a potential boss and even the sales person who keeps contacting you. Employers, recruiter and your peers are also taking a peek at your social presence so leverage this to take charge of the narrative you want to share.

For example, 84% of organizations are recruiting via social media and 87% of recruiters use LinkedIn to find talent.* Gone are the days of traditional resumes – so keeping your LinkedIn profile up to date is imperative. Organizations want to understand more about your interests and values on a personal level to see if they align with their corporate culture – your social presence gives them a personal glimpse of who you are beyond a resume.

So, how do you effectively leverage social media to build your professional brand?  Here are some tips on how to strategically build your digital footprint:

  1. Be strategic. Building your social presence is a commitment. Choose the right channel(s) to achieve the outcomes you are seeking then focus your energy on one or two. For example, LinkedIn is the most important professional network if you are looking to find a new job.
  2. Be recognized as an expert. You can achieve this by engaging on a regular basis. To be visible you also need to be active beyond just hitting ‘like’ or sharing content. Join the discussion, ask questions and add your own view points.
  3. Be selective about your personal brand and what you want to be known for externally. Focus your content, engagement and connections in the areas where you want to shine.
  4. Be social. Build your network by joining groups, following and connecting with experts in the industries or topic areas that interest you. Be sure to connect with on a personal level with experts or role models that you want to be associated with and learn from.
  5. Provide value. Share your expertise by creating your own content, newsletters, blogs, podcasts or videos. Give back, respond and be there for others when they are seeking advice or input.
  6. Be professional. Invest in a professional profile picture. Keep it positive. Remember even private posts unfortunately aren’t always private.

Keep following, next week I will share tips on ‘How to amplify your personal brand in the workplace’.

Want to learn more?

LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world. Below are some links specifically about how to build your LinkedIn brand:






Valerie Khan

Valerie Khan is an accomplished global talent leader, recruitment innovator and diversity champion who is passionate about helping women unlock their full potential. Outside of juggling the roles of a professional, mother and wife, Valerie enjoys getting out to hear live music, travelling the world or relaxing under the covers with a good book.

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