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Podcast Interview: Tijen and Ashley, Founders of EKS


Take it from Tijen and Ashley, launching a legal cannabis-infused topicals business in Canada is not easy. These two powerhouse women went up against  corporate behemoths and won a coveted spot on legal retail shelves in Ontario, and much of that is due to their single-minded focus on buildings products that they’re proud of and a brand that remains true to their vision and mission. Learn more about their 10 year journey with EKS and how they navigate life as both romantic and business partners in this Alpha Woman interview.

Interview Timestamps:
Inspirational Alpha Woman – Lucille Ball (1:41)
Start of the interview (7:55)
Why they chose Lucille Ball as their Inspirational Alpha Woman (9:29)
The April 2021 launch of Earth Kisses Sky’s new products (13:03)
The process of getting approved for retail (19:47)
Staying true to their brand (27:56)
Balancing being both business and life partners (29:11)
“Enjoying the process” (35:10)
How they got started in the cannabis business (40:37)
Newly acquired skills over the pandemic (43:27)
What’s next for Earth Kisses Sky (EKS) (48:26)
Outro (51:32)

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Podcast researcher Anvi Sethi

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