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Podcast Interview: Serena Donovan, Founder of Because You Cann


On season 2, episode 1 of the Alpha Woman podcast Leslie Andrachuk interviews Serena Donovan, Founder and CEO of Because You Cann, a cannabis micro cultivation in Alberta. Because You Cann is the 2nd Health Canada licensed Micro Cultivation facility in Alberta and 25th in Canada.  Join us as we talk entrepreneurship, family, community and how cannabis changed Serena’s life.

Interview Time Stamps:

Inspirational Alpha Woman – Celine Dion (2:48)

Serena Donovan intro (7:51)

Raising a family rurally (9:21)

Her introduction to cannabis (15:30)

The health benefits she’s received thanks to cannabis (22:37)

Coming out to her family about her cannabis use (25:43)

How she started growing cannabis (27:44)

The response from the locals (34:00)

Her biggest challenges getting started in the cannabis industry (36:03)

The importance of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month (41:21)

WeCann’s retail launch (44:10)

Her post-COVID plans (50:56)

Show notes:

Click here to read our interview with Serena on Alpha Woman


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