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On today’s podcast, we interview international sexual empowerment coach Katrina Marie. Katrina works with women from all over the globe to recreate their most foundational relationship: the one with themselves.

She describes herself as a crusader of self-love and self seduction. She helps people shed sexual shame and pleasure anxiety. Katrina carries on the legacy of Dr. Betty Dodson, facilitating Bodysex workshops all around the world.


What is a sexual empowerment coach? (3:12)
The challenges women face in identifying their self-worth (8:00)
Sexuality and being a mother (17:06)
Menstruation shame (28:28)
Your biggest challenges in building your business (33:00)
The importance of self-care (42:58)
Katrina’s Inspirational Alpha Woman (45:09)

Podcast researcher Anvi Sethi

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