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July is menstruation month at Alpha Woman. We’ve been exploring how people around the world menstruate, the impact of period poverty, how girls and women around the world are educated about their periods and more. Which is why we are so excited to interview one of the global leaders in menstrual product innovation – and also a sister Canadian – the CEO and Founder of Diva International, Carinne Chambers-Saini. In the interview we’ll explore her almost 20-year journey to create and market the revolutionary product, the DivaCup. As the only real innovation in feminine hygiene in decades, the DivaCup has completely disrupted the industry by providing the most eco-friendly, clean and comfortable way to address menstrual care on the market today.

The incredible growth of Diva International and rise of the DivaCup caused Carinne to receive much recognition. To name a few, has been awarded the EY Entrepreneur of The Year for Sustainable Products and Services, EY national Special Citation Award for Industry Disruptor, in addition to being recognized as one of Canada’s Top 40 under 40.

In addition to working towards her business dreams, Carinne is also a daughter, wife and mother of two amazing kids.


  • Start of interview (2:09)
  • The origin story of Diva International (8:34)
  • The stigma around menstruation (10:59)
  • Educating young women about menstruation (23:56)
  • Your biggest business challenges (32:30)
  • Carinne’s self-care routine (43:07)
  • An Inspiring Alpha Woman in history (49:07)


Podcast researcher Anvi Sethi

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