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Podcast Interview: Niambe McIntosh, Executive Director at Peter Tosh Brand & Legacy


Today we are interviewing Niambe McIntosh, the youngest child of Peter Tosh who has stepped up to the mantle to carry on her father’s message and legacy. A renaissance woman, an Alpha Woman, she serves many roles including the head of the Peter Tosh Legacy & Brand; Managing Member of Tosh Holdings LLC; Board Chairperson for the Peter Tosh Foundation Ltd.; and President of PT Capital LLC.

Niambe was instrumental in the planning and development of the Peter Tosh Museum which opened in 2016 and is a national landmark edifice in Kingston, Jamaica dedicated to the preservation of her father’s legacy. Additionally, Mcintosh and her family founded the Peter Tosh Foundation in 2017 to serve as the vehicle for the realization of her father’s dream.

Jawara McIntosh

Niambe’s fire for advocacy also stems from a family crisis in February of 2017 in which her brother Jawara McIntosh – musician and cannabis activist – was brutally attacked while incarcerated for cannabis possession in Bergen County Jail in New Jersey. Jawara later succumbed to his injuries in 2020 which compelled Niambe to raise awareness of the dire conditions faced by prisoners, the need for prison reform, and the necessity for legalization of cannabis nationwide.

Newly motivated, Niambe formed partnerships and alliances to strategically address these issues. Understanding that pressure must be brought to bear on those who actively and passively maintain our current system, Niambe organized and participated in protests; gave lectures; and lobbied congress; McIntosh also serves on the Board of Directors for the non-profit cannabis advocacy organization, Minorities For Medical Marijuana (M4MM), and serves on the advisory board for the Last Prisoner Project, an organization geared towards cannabis criminal justice reform.

Growing up in both Boston and Jamaica as a child (4:48)
How her father’s music influenced her (6:53)
The Peter Tosh Museum (10:30)
Her brother Jawara McIntosh (16:12)
The injustice of prison labour (32:17)
Legalization in Massachusetts (37:55)
Seen by Peter Tosh (41:32)
Interesting facts about Rastafari (44:46)

Podcast researcher Anvi Sethi

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