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Maya Glogowski; Our goal is to provide a holistic, smart, elegant system that is everything the cannabis consumer needs in one place


Maya Glogowski is co-founder and COO of Kassi Labs Ltd. an Israeli company that makes the world’s first IoT-connected, holistic cannabis hub. KASSI records the temperature, humidity, and weight of separate Cannabis strains according to date & time, allowing for an accurate, real-time consumption profile that can be shared via its crowdsourced mobile app.

Success at CannaTech Tel Aviv 2019

Glogowski pitching KASSI

Glogowski recently wowed the crowd at CannaTech Tel Aviv’s 2019 invite-only Live Pitch Event. With her flawless, informative pitch, Glogowski helped KASSI stand out among the technologically advanced, data collection-driven ancillary products that she was competing against, ultimately earning top prize at this prestigious event. The path to this exciting moment led her from Europe to Israel, where she helped co-found KASSI in 2018.

After spending much of her life in Vienna, Austria, where she earned her MA in International Marketing and Management, Glogowski found herself in the tech scene in Israel where she met Ido Havilio, the entrepreneur and visionary who invented Kassi. With Maya’s background in marketing and business, a plan to commercialize the fledgling product was soon born. “We’ve seen a lot of research and investment around growing the flower, but very little development around the consumer themselves. The idea for KASSI came from Ido diving deep into the needs of the cannabis consumer, and coming up with optimal technical solutions.”

Elegance and Functionality for the Cannabis Consumer

The team behind Kassi

KASSI is a new generation of product that serves multiple needs in one place to make life easier for the cannabis enthusiast. “It’s not just a grinder, or just a vaporizer, or just a storage solution for cannabis. We’ve put all of these components together and then leverage the IoT. KASSI is connected with Alexa, Siri and Google Home to pull in things like strain information, dosage and effect tracking, humidity levels, temperature, automated re-ordering and so on. Also, a lot of parents or people with roommates love KASSI because if anyone opens the product when the registered owner is not there, the owner is notified.”

The team at KASSI is also intent on elevating every aspect of the consumer cannabis experience, “Our design team created KASSI so that you can display it in your home much as you would display a beautiful wine cabinet. Cannabis is part of people’s lives, so we wanted to the design to be upscale and elegant to reflect the modern cannabis user.”

KASSI is not yet available widely for purchase as Glogowski and her team are using monthly, selected presale initiatives to hone the product prior to a full market release. “So far we’ve had an amazing response to the product, but we maintain a discussion with our community so we constantly understand their needs, and ensure we remain on the right track as we continue to develop the product. For example, we’re in the process of developing a smart vaporizer that can be integrated with the system. Our goal is to provide  holistic, smart, elegant system that is everything the cannabis consumer needs in one place.”

“We are passionate about enabling everyone to have access to this amazing plant that helps so many people. We want to make a better experience for the consumer. And mostly, we want to develop something that we would use in our own homes.”

Life and Love

Glogowski and Havilio

Glogowski and Havilio are also partners in life as well as in business. “It’s challenging being partners in both life and business. “I had to learn that he’s CEO at work, and what he says goes, there’s no debate – unlike in our personal lives. On his part, Ido had to learn how to separate work from the personal relationship, especially when we worked from home.”

With the cannabis industry so heavily male dominated in North America, one can only assume that the same is true in Israel. Glogowski confirms this is the case, but she has also joined an organization that is striving to get more women in leadership positions in the cannabis industry in Israel. “Women CannCan is an organization of about 100 Israeli women in the cannabis industry. Activities are starting to organize around this group, for instance Ernst and Young is doing something only for women in cannabis, so it’s happening in Israel as well.”

Leslie Andrachuk

As a bilingual pioneer in global digital publishing and marketing, Leslie is happiest when creating new things and inspiring her teams. She is passionate about changing biases that hold women back from realizing their true power and is grateful that at this point in her career she has the skills to make real change.

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