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Luxury Picnic Entrepreneur Ceana Ussoletti – Video Interview


Alpha Woman presents our Women Entrepreneurship Series where we showcase the stories of inspiring women entrepreneurs around the world!

This episode, we have the chance to speak with Ceana Ussoletti, a Young Alpha who is the CEO and founder of Proper Picnics. Check out the video below to hear more about her journey, the challenges she has faced and her insights on how to balance managing a business as a post-secondary student.

Having had the opportunity to experience a luxury picnic in New York City, Ceana was inspired to recreate a similar experience for her friends and community back in Windsor. This led to the launch of Proper Picnics, in March 2021, which provides stress-free luxury picnic experiences for all occasions. In our interview, Ceana describes her journey of launching this business during Covid-19 and ensuring safe and memorable experiences for her community. She shares her insights of running this business while managing her university courses and extracurriculars. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Ceana has a strong support system to help guide and encourage her to pursue her goals.

Ceana’s story highlights the importance of taking risks and trusting the process. She mentions the importance of pushing through the judgement and insecurities when starting a business and staying optimistic during difficult situations. She emphasizes the importance of building relationships with local businesses and finding opportunities of collaboration. Her story truly shows how passion, dedication and hardwork are the foundation of any successful business and is a true inspiration to other young women interested in starting a business themselves.

Be sure to support Ceana’s journey on  instagram and learn more about her business here!


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