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Podcast Interview: Larissa Nicole, Personal trainer and Wellness Coach


Larissa Nicole is a Toronto-based personal trainer and wellness coach. She believes in a balanced, sustainable approach to health & fitness – no diets, no “fit teas”, no short-term fixes.

Having lost over 60lbs and overcome traumas related to cardiovascular health, extreme bullying, and body dysmorphia over the course of her own fitness journey, Larissa Nicole uses her transformation story as a way to teach women struggling with their weight how to become a stronger, healthier & happier version of themselves and that absolutely anything is possible with the right mindset.

Larissa’s business – Larissa Nicole Fitness- caters to a growing, highly engaged community of busy, independent women who are struggling with their weight and/or body image and looking for ways to break out of the cycle of “diet culture” and into a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle.



Inspirational Alpha Woman – Meg Boggs (1:50)
Start of interview (7:33)
Larissa’s personal wellness journey (12:58)
Her educational background (25:44)
What her clients can expect (33:45)
Her biggest challenges as an entrepreneur (37;30)
Healthy habits and mindset (47:32)


Podcast researcher Anvi Sethi

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