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Cannabis industry professionals will not be banned from the U.S. – but there’s a “however”


An update was made by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection stance on Canada’s legalization of marijuana and crossing the border.

The October 9th update makes it clear that people who work in the cannabis industry will not be barred from entering the United States. The paragraph however does raise questions as it further outlines that professionals in the cannabis industry may be prevented from entering if they’re attempting to enter the U.S. on cannabis business.

A Canadian citizen working in or facilitating the proliferation of the legal marijuana industry in Canada, coming to the U.S. for reasons unrelated to the marijuana industry will generally be admissible to the U.S. however, if a traveler is found to be coming to the U.S. for reason related to the marijuana industry, they may be deemed inadmissible.

Great news for everyone in the cannabis industry, as it does now appear that the threatened lifetime bans will not come to fruition. We’re seeking clarification and will report back with further information as this story progresses.

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