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Yara Faye Indi Co.

A Wellness Counselling Journey.

An enlightened path back home to self – to ritual, to practice – to peace. A counselling journey; complimented by hand-crafted health and wellness products, Ayurvedic apothecary and infused kitchen allowing access to all the tools to commence your journey.

Why should customers choose your company?

The nectar, the honey, sitting with a mother plant – Cannabis, however this time, with intention, and purpose for connection, and clarity. Reclaiming our love of ritual, of self, of wholeness … In essence, I create the space for women to remember how innately wise, powerful and loving we really are, and there is nothing I love doing more than this. Owning authenticity, raising consciousness and embodying love.

Why did you start your business?

I’m standing in my truth when I share my integration of knowledge and experience. To share individually with clients and our community, my ever evolving understanding of health and well being.

Has your business been affected by COVID and if so, what have you done to continue on?

I’m making light of the situation, and offering my knowledge when I think its needed most.

Do you have any special offers that you’d like to promote?

Complimentary 30 minute Discovery Call for Alpha Woman members.




Email: yarafayeindi@gmail.com

City: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Phone: 416-417-4926

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