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Business Spotlight: JESSCO



Company Owner Jess Moran

JESSCO was founded by Jess Moran who has worked in public relations and marketing for over 18 years. Jess sees the need for organizations who need help either establishing their brand in a powerful way, or propelling their brand to the next level. Combining her PR expertise with digital marketing efforts such as SEO, SEM, PPC etc. is a winning and powerful combination, and is a unique business offering all under one roof. As opposed to the often expensive agency model, taking a combined approach allows the JESSCO team to remain highly competitive and affordable while providing access to true, seasoned subject matter experts.

What makes JESSCO special?

At the core of marketing and communicating any brand there is one sentiment that we always come back to. Does your brand elicit an emotional “I want” or “I need” response? We help create and communicate that powerful emotional response, which drives leads, sales, investments, conversions, donations, votes, or whatever your business goals may be. In this highly virtual age it is becoming rapidly apparent that every company will need a robust digital marketing strategy. Combining that with a strong public relations program, organizations become an unstoppable force, establishing and propelling their brands to the next level and making a meaningful contribution to key business goals and revenues.

Why did you start JESSCO?

After working for 18 years in Public Relations & Marketing in and out of Agency, Corporations, Non-Profits and Small Businesses it was clear that there is a lack of affordable public relations and marketing services for organizations that want to utilize these tactics but cannot afford expensive retainers or fees. We wanted to offer a wealth of experience from our subject matter experts, which is affordable.

Has your business been affected by COVID and if so, what have you done to continue on?

Absolutely! We’re now working with clients to help them pivot their businesses to become more online friendly with heightened digital marketing solutions to drive business goals.

Do you have any special offers that you’d like to promote?

Affordable Public Relations & Marketing Services




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessicamoran/

Twitter & IG: @jessmmmoran

Email: publicistjess@gmail.com

Phone: 519 494-5379


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