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About Alpha Woman

What is Alpha Woman?

Alpha Woman is a multi-platform media company that includes a digital publication, a membership-based community, an events platform and a podcast.

Mission & Vision

Alpha Woman is a multi-platform network of diverse women leaders who are talented, brave, resilient, dedicated and deeply connected to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

Our mission is to help Alpha Women everywhere optimize their lives physically, mentally, professionally and financially.

We envision a world where we redefine leadership using wider and different success metrics so that women of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and lived experiences, occupy half of all leadership positions in industry and government by 2034.

Who is an Alpha Woman?

⤍She confidently self-identifies as an Alpha Woman and believes with tranquil and unwavering certainty that she is a leader who can make a huge impact on the world.
⤍A Social Connector; she is the woman that, when she leaves the room, the energy isn’t quite the same
⤍She is fiercely loyal to her tribe and always seeks to shine the light on other people’s achievements; her confidence is contagious.
⤍She is resilient and unconventional; she lives her own truth with courage and dignity.
⤍She is flexible; a humble, life-long learner who takes any opportunity to experiment and grow.
⤍Emotionally intelligent and articulate, an Alpha Woman effortlessly draws people into her circle.
⤍She disregards stereotypical gender roles and often enjoys physical, high-adrenalin sports that challenge her mentally and physically.

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